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A Clean House is a Happy Dad.

Today was pretty good, aside from all the bad stuff. Cleaning has become a major chore for my boys now that we have all taken on the bad habits and distractions of the summer. With school starting in around 6 weeks we are in dire need of a fruitful schedule. Things will no longer work the way they have been going, as for my sanity, it fades with every hour later bedtime becomes.

Cleaning house is the first thing that has to become a habit. As the homemaker I do everything, no really, pretty much everything, but some days I just crash. The only problem is that usually means there will be no dishes in the morning for breakfast or no nighties clean for bedtime, which is not cool. Pacing myself has got to be one of the hardest things to do. Growing up I never had any real responsibility other than make sure nothing is left out that the hotel attendant might want to steal. So what some people have ingrained I am just learning as an adult with 4 boys that are taking more after me than their mother.

I plan on carrying on the conversation but I have to go and eat with the little free time I have before mom gets back from the pool with the boys and I have to start cooking a late dinner.


Michael Moore



I’m dead in the middle of watching my kids, cleaning the house, breaking up a fight, and designing my site. I am really aiming to get this thing up and running in the next few days. Sorry for all the delays. If you have been waiting to catch up with me I’d like to let you know that I’ve been eager / anxious about getting back into the blogosphere . Praying everything goes according to plan. That’s all for now.

You can catch me on twitter in the meantime @MichaelJosMoore


Michael Moore